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Explore Tools

While there are some tools that are documented more extensively, such as Subkey, Memory Profiling and Try Runtime, there exists a number of additional tools which are yet to be integrated into Substrate's documentation hub. This page provides an overview of what these tools are and what they do.

SR Tool

"srtool" allows building WASM runtimes in a deterministic way, allowing CIs and users to produce a strictly identical WASM runtime.


A library to submit extrinsics to a Substrate node via RPC.

Tx Wrapper

Tools for FRAME chain builders to publish chain specific offline transaction generation libraries.

Sub Flood

A tool that floods a Substrate node with transactions.

Substrate Archive

A tool Run alongside a Substrate-backed chain to index all Blocks, State, and Extrinsic data into PostgreSQL.


A REST service that makes it easy to interact with blockchain nodes built using Substrate's FRAME framework.

Polkadot Launch

A simple CLI tool to launch a local Polkadot test network.

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